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Diesel power station AD100S-T400-PM2

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: АД100С-Т400-РМ2
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: No
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Diesel power station AD100S-T400-RM2 with YaMZ-238M2 engine

Rated power, kW / kVA: 100/125

Maximum power (overload for 1 hour), kW / kVA: 110 / 137.5

Degree of automation according to GOST R50783-95: 1 degree

Type of current: alternating, three-phase

Rated voltage, In: 400

Rated frequency, Hz: 50

Rated current (at rated power factor), A: 180

Permissible continuous minimum load, kW / kVA: 20/25

Engine Model: YaMZ-238M2

Engine shaft rotation frequency, rpm: 1500

Fuel consumption at 100% load: 31

Fuel tank capacity, l: 200

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