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Gas-piston power station 315 kW (EGP-315) AGP-315

(Equipment / Material)
Model Number: АГ-315С-Т400-Р
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: Yes, 18 months
Price: RUB4,900,000
Gas piston power station 315 kW (EGP-315) AGP-315, heat recovery systems (SUT)

Technical characteristics of AGP-315 (EGP-315) GPU-315 gas piston installation

Parameter Value
Model AG-315S-T400-R
Engine (GPA) YaMZ-8503 (Russia)
Speed control Electronic
Synchronous generator Leroy Somer France, Stamford Cummins Inc England, Linz Electric Italy
Rated power, kW / kVA 315/394
Reserve power, kW / kVA 346/471
Voltage 400
Rated current, A 570
Rated frequency, Hz fifty
Engine speed, rpm 1500
Refueling capacity of the engine cooling system (l) 150
Filling capacity of the engine lubrication system (l) 65
Rated power factor one
Specific fuel consumption at rated power, m3 / h 95
Specific oil consumption (% of fuel consumption) 0.3
Gas pressure, kg / cm2 0.2-5
Warranty, months / hours 18/3000
Resource before overhaul, m / h 50,000
Recommended type of GPA oil using natural gas, consisting mainly of methane TNK GEO 404
Recommended type of GPA oil working on associated, sulfur and other gases TNK GEO 408
Daily Maintenance (SW) Once a day at the end of daily work
Maintenance after the break-in period (TO-0) After the first 50 hours of engine operation
First maintenance (TO-1) Every 250 hours of engine operation
Second maintenance (TO-2) Every 500 hours of engine operation
Seasonal Maintenance (CO) It is carried out twice a year during the transition from summer operation to winter and from winter to summer
Types of gas fuel Natural gas, liquefied, compressed gas, main gas, associated petroleum gas, vapors of large breathing tanks, industrial gas, pyrolysis gas, coke oven gas, biogas, mine gas, sewage gas, etc.
Automatic control systems GPU (AGP): Switchboard:
Shield (cabinet) of the 1st degree of automation: Manual start - control based on ComAp controller, Huegli Tech AG-315.1 (ЩА-315.1)
Shield (cabinet) of the 2nd degree of automation: Autostart ATS - control based on ComAp controller, Huegli Tech AG-315.2 (ЩА-315.2)
ABP shield (reverse sequence) ABP according to customer scheme
Automation shield heating Electric
A system of parallel operation among themselves and synchronization with a centralized network Based on InteliLite ComAP controller, Huegli Tech HT-GC-600
Input-distributing device (ASU switchboard) According to customer's scheme
System for remote monitoring and control of an electrical unit (twisted pair) RS-485, RS-232
Automatic Engine Oil Refueling (ADMM) System for automatically maintaining the oil level in the crankcase
Electric engine coolant pre-heater Pozh on 220V
Autonomous diesel engine coolant pre-heater ПЖД-600 (tank 5 l)
Heat recovery module: Cogeneration:
Heat recovery systems (thermal module) SUT (TM)
Thermal power, kW 380
Heat carrier consumption, m3 / h eleven
Overall dimensions, mm): Length x Width x Height
Dimensions open (LxWxH) mm 3335 x 1330 x 1920
Weight open kg 4600
Dimensions in the hood (LxWxH) mm 3500 x 1500 x 2200
Weight in the hood, kg 4800
Dimensions in the container (LxWxH) mm 6000 x 2400 x 2500
Weight in the container, kg 7000

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