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Magmap 2000

(IT and Software)
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Powerful Windows-based software for processing data from Land-Marine Mag, OhmMapper, MetalMapper, EM61 devices.
  • Provides loading, correction during the day, re-positioning and graphical display of profiles.

  • Full support for the GPS (Global Navigation System) system using UTM conversion and GPS sensor antenna offset calculation.

  • It filters, suppresses outliers, smooths the data of the sensor and GPS coordinates.

  • Graphical display of profile data directly on the route!

  • Formation of color graphic display of contours and relief maps with shadows in 2D / 3D format.

  • GPS smoothing function

Geometrics' well-known magnetometer software, provided for free, has become more powerful and comes with more features. In addition to the new graphical symbol designations, we have increased the ability to correct, filter, re-position and graphically display data from the magnetometer, as well as from OhmMapper, MetalMapper, EM61 devices, to provide support to our customers in 2000 and beyond. In addition, now we offer a new function that ensures the removal of “bands” (elimination of course error), and periodic filtering along the profile (elimination of “step” interference). These algorithms provide extremely efficient control and automation when processing data from a highly sensitive ground and marine magnetometer.

GPS Offset Calculation Menu

Recent improvements include the alignment of the color contour with a single button, which makes the contour maps more visible, as well as the function of creating embossed maps with shadows, this function provides amplification for the recognition of small anomalies, and at the same time smooths out long geological anomalies.

MagMap 2000 provides data processing capabilities for the entire range of Geometrics portable magnetic and electromagnetic devices, including the OhmMapper Resistivity Measurement System and the new Metal-Mapper GTEM, which employs time-domain metal technology. In addition, its unique function can be used with other devices, such as Geonics EM61 and GSSI GEM300, or for almost all ASCII data presented in columns in x, y (latitude-longitude) and z format, using the new import procedure data. Powerful GPS support allows the user to smooth the GPS path, eliminate sharp “spikes” in coordinates, convert data to UTM coordinates using various ellipsoid bases and add offsets between the GPS antenna and magnetometer or other sensitive elements! At the same time, data sets are provided that do not have coordinate “gaps”, and less distortion of the linear function on the final map is provided. The program provides the ability to export to Surfer, Geosoft, RES2D / 3DINV formats and, as standard, to ASCII (x, y, x).

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