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FIELD - Geophysical Researches OF WELLS

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Volgogradneftegeofizofika carries out the whole complex of field geophysical studies of wells and works.

The list of ongoing research and work:

  • geophysical surveys during the drilling and operation of wells;
  • pipe formation testing, including Polaris equipment;
  • perforation of deep wells;
  • well swabbing;
  • geological and technological research in the process of drilling.

The work is carried out by the Petrovsky Department of Geophysical Works (PUGR) of VNG PJSC consisting of:

  • GPP-1 - a group of production and geophysical production lots, includes 3 lots specializing in the implementation of a GIS complex in drilling wells;
  • GPP-2 - (based in Kotovo), includes 3 production and geophysical lots specializing in the implementation of the GIS complex in production wells and perforated blasting operations;
  • EIP - formation testing expedition, includes 2 production lots. Performs hydrodynamic studies of formations discovered during drilling and testing of prospective intervals in cased wells completed by drilling, development, cleaning and intensification of intervals during operation;
  • EGTI - expedition of geological and technological research, includes 4 production lots. Performs work on informational geological-technological and geological-geochemical support of the drilling process;
  • Instrumentation - control and interpretation party, provides operational processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical materials.

To perform the work, the management is equipped with:

  • 10 logging laboratories - “KEDR-02 / 1,5”, “KARSAR” on the chassis of the URAL and KAMAZ vehicles;
  • 8 lifts - PKS-5-03, PKS-5M, PKS-7 based on KAMAZ vehicles;
  • 3 mobile explosive warehouses;
  • 11 sets for testing formations;
  • 3 GTI stations;
  • Satellite communication systems to ensure the prompt delivery of data to the processing lot and the CUSTOMER.

PAO "Volgogradneftegeofizika"

Locations: Russia, Volgograd
Main Products/Services: MOGT 2D and 3D field seismic surveys, VSP borehole surveys and near-borehole studies according to NVP-VSP data using a three-component digital probe and a telemetry recording system
Registration: Russia, Volgograd
Year Established: 1949