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NPO Decanter LLC

Country: Russia
Locations: Russia / Moscow region / Domodedovo
Registration: Russia / Moscow region / Domodedovo
Main Products/Services: Production of equipment for collection, cleaning and disposal

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NPO Decanter LLC is engaged in the manufacture of equipment for the collection and disposal of oil sludge and drill cuttings, water treatment, treatment of industrial and storm sewage, thermal disposal of industrial and household waste, as well as the disposal of certain types of pollution prohibited by the Stockholm Convention. Our company has two powerful production bases - in the city of Domodedovo, Moscow Region and in the city of Sasovo, Ryazan Region. We have our own vast staff of technologists and designers, and we solve certain problems together with leading Russian scientific institutions, in particular, I. Gubkin University of Oil and Gas (Moscow).

Most of the equipment developed by our Design Bureau is based on standard sea containers or modular frames, which simplifies its transportation, installation and maintenance.

We also design equipment for the specific needs of customers, as well as provide transportation, commissioning, commissioning, warranty and after-sales service.