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Treatment plants for Transformer oils Contaminated with Polychlorobiphenyls of the Melioform-PCB series

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Model Number: Мелиоформ-ПХБ
Condition: New
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / Moscow region / Domodedovo
Service Engineering Support: Yes
Warranty: No
Price: Call for price
Melioform-PCB series oil purification plants for eliminating polychlorinated biphenyls can neutralize and restore the characteristics of transformer oils by heating, degassing, drying and reagent purification of polychlorinated biphenyls.

The operating principle of the Melioform-PCB series plants is based on the integrated use of heating, degassing, drying and reagent neutralization of polychlorinated biphenyls. In reactor tanks equipped with mixers, the main process of controlled mixing of PCB-contaminated oil, reagent (sodium dispersion - NaD) and water as a catalyst occurs.

As a result of processing at Melioform-PCB series plants, customers receive neutralized transformer oil that is no longer hazardous to the environment, as well as a small precipitate (on average 0.2-0.3%), consisting of products of the chemical reaction of PCBs with sodium in the form of oil-contaminated soda, salt and polyphenyls.

Transformer oil can be reused in industry immediately or after additional processing, depending on the configuration of the Melioform-PCB installation and the initial state of the oil.

The technology developer is the Canadian company Kinectrics, which has carried out over two dozen deliveries of such plants worldwide over the past 25 years. In 2013, the NGO Decanter and Kinectrics adapted to the market of the CIS and Asian countries, and since 2014, our company has delivered several complexes within the framework of the United Nations programs.

The units are produced exclusively in standard ISO containers of 40 or 20 ft. In size and can be transported worldwide by road, rail or sea.

The use in the installation of a reagent method for cleaning transformer oils from PCBs can reduce energy costs, increase processing safety in comparison with fire and plasma methods of neutralizing PCBs.

Melioform-PCB plants are available in three trim levels.

  • Melioform-PCB (standard)
  • Carries out the neutralization of oils from PCBs without further processing of the neutralized oil from the neutralization product, which is released during the destruction process and is in the form of a solid phase, as well as increased gas contamination and humidity. Neutralized oil requires further processing for return to transformers, or can be used as fuel after settling.
  • Melioform-PCB + (improved equipment)
  • The standard Melioform-PCB is additionally equipped with a centrifuge to remove 99% of the solid phase. The oil will still require further processing before filling into transformers - in particular, it will need to be drained and degassed with standard equipment.
  • Melioform-PCB ++ (full set)
  • A complete set additionally includes a vacuum and degassing system, as well as packages of adsorbers for sorption processing of oil. Oil after processing on this configuration, if its expiration date has not expired, can in most cases be used again for filling transformers. In some cases, it may be necessary to add additives to increase breakdown voltage or antioxidant properties.


Name of characteristics and parameters Melioform-PCB Melioform-PCB + Melioform-PCB ++
One-time loading, l 2500 2500 2500
Number of downloads per day, max * 2 2 2
Permissible PCB / PCB content in oil, max ppm 5000 5000 5000
Overall dimensions in transport position 1 container 40 ft HC 1 container 40 ft HC
1 container 20 ft HC
2 containers 40 ft HC
Weight in transport position, max t 23 23 + 13 23 + 23
Weight in working position, max t 33 33 + 18 33 + 33
Installed power, max kW 220 270 280
... of which the power of the heaters, kW 166 202 202
Power supply, Hz / V 50/380 50/380 50/380


Name of characteristics and parameters Melioform-PCB Melioform-PCB + Melioform-PCB ++
PCB / PCB content, max ppm 5000 5000 5000
At the entrance
Content of solids, max g / t one hundred one hundred one hundred
Gas content, max% 10 10 10
Water content, max g / t fifty fifty fifty
Raw material temperature at the equipment inlet, ° С +5 ... +80 +5 ... +80 +5 ... +80
Flammable, toxic, aggressive and radioactive substances in raw materials are absent are absent are absent
At the exit
Content of solids, max g / t not normal. 10 10
PCB / PCB content, ppm 2 - 49 2 - 49 2 - 49
Gas content, max% not normal. not normal. 0.10%
Water content, max g / t not normal. not normal. 10
Breakdown voltage, min kV not normal. not normal. 30-70 kV **

* day is 20-24 hours of continuous shift work
** depends on the breakdown voltage of the processed oil


The installation is certified according to the rules of the TR CU, and also passed the State Ecological Expertise for the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Sodium dispersion is not subject to declaration, as there is a corresponding letter from the certification center.


The supply of reagents (sodium dispersion) is carried out by NPO Decanter, the price is fixed for 3 years in advance. In addition, reagents can be purchased in China, EU countries and Canada.

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