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LLC "Energodetal"

Country: Russia
Industry: Electric Power
Total Employees: 80
Locations: Saint Petersburg
Year Established: 2011
Main Products/Services: Power plants, Compressors/ Service/ Spare parts sales

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EDM diesel generator sets are designed for autonomous power supply to facilities in construction, agriculture, oil and gas fields, and during emergency rescue operations. DGSs are equipped with everything necessary to produce high-quality electricity. The installations can be used as a main or backup source of electricity. EDM generators, when used as a backup source, can be started during peak load periods, when the centralized power supply is turned off, or when the main diesel power plant fails.

The basis of EDM diesel generators is reliable European Lister Petter engines, and the diesel generator set is controlled using a modern Deep Sea microprocessor control panel. The main advantages of the Lister Petter internal combustion engine are reliability, reliability, efficiency, durability and environmental friendliness. The units are not demanding on fuel quality and are adapted to Russian-made fuels and lubricants.