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Directional Drilling Services

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia Moscow
Online Support Service: Yes
Interpretation of Data: Yes
Construction of wells with horizontal end of the trunk and directional wells, restoration of idle wells

Among the priority areas of the Company’s activities are the construction of directional and horizontal wells, as well as the restoration of an inactive well stock by cutting and drilling additional shafts. For this purpose, in 1999, the Center for Horizontal Drilling was established - a service branch of Gazprom Drilling.

For the period from 1999 to 2011, the Center for Horizontal Drilling LLC provided technological support for the construction of 1372 directional and 724 horizontal wells, of which more than 100 wells were recovered from an idle well by drilling horizontal and directional sidetracks. The Center’s specialists perfectly master the technology of sidetracking in casing strings with diameters from 245 to 140 mm using sets of cutting devices (oriented deflecting wedges, special sets of cutters, etc.).

All necessary calculations are made using the software package of Maurer Engineering Inc., which includes:

  • WELLPATH - designing trajectories;
  • BUCKLE - model of bending and sticking;
  • DDRAG - drill string load calculation;

In service with the Company:

  • Telemetry systems with a cable and electromagnetic communication channel of domestic production and a hydraulic communication channel of foreign production with a gamma-ray attachment designed for work in wellbores with a diameter of 120.6 −393.7 mm, including telesystems 6 ¾ "FEWD and 4 ¾" FEWD, allowing resistivimetry and gamma-ray logging in wellbores with a diameter of 215.9-220.7 mm and 142.9-165 mm;
  • Downhole screw motors of various standard sizes of domestic production, as well as turbodrills and turbine diverters;
  • Hydroscopic inclinometer UGI-42 for orienting wedges-deflectors when restoring wells of an inactive stock.

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