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Repair and Service of power Equipment

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia / YaNAO / Noyabrsk
Online Support Service: No
Interpretation of Data: No
The largest workshop for the repair of power equipment has been equipped at the production base of the Novourengoy branch of YamalSpetsCenter. The plant’s capacities allow repairing up to 1,500 units of equipment per year.
  • Overhaul and current repair of electric motors up to 100 kW;
  • Repair, manufacturing of control cabinets, distribution cabinets (ШУ, РЩ, РП) with the development of an electrical circuit diagram (according to production technology);
  • Repair of electric welding equipment (apparatus for manual welding), repair of welding units like ADD-3112, ADD - 4001 - 4006;
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment from 100 kW to 1500 kW;
  • Overhaul of mobile transformer substations with current transformer repair from 63kVA to 1000kVA;
  • Maintenance of power transformers from 63kVA to 1000kVA, etc.

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