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Recycling cable and wire waste

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Voronezh
Online Support Service: No
Interpretation of Data: No
The cable and wire processing line LPC 00.00.01. SB is designed to extract copper (aluminum) from wastes of cable and wire products from 0.1 mm or more by grinding the feedstock into granules, followed by extraction of copper (aluminum) fractions from it. The line is a complex of individual machines, interconnected by a technological chain through a pneumatic conveying system and conveyor belts, as well as a single air supply and purification system.

Features and Benefits of Cable Processing Line

The equipment allows to separate useful materials from waste with minimal labor costs. Features of the aluminum and copper wire processing line:

- the possibility of placement in the premises of various sizes and configurations;
- ease of installation, initial setup and adjustment;
- simple management that does not require deep highly specialized knowledge;
- high speed due to the use of durable steel knives;
- low maintenance and maintenance costs.

At the outlet, the enterprise receives two pure products: aluminum or copper section for remelting and recycled plastic.

Composition of cable and wire processing line

Line composition Option A Option B
Pieces kw Pieces kw
1. Transporter TRL 3 4,5 4 6
2. Grinding GRS06 90 one 90
3. Granulator GRS05 - - one 75
4. Granulator GRS04 one 55 one 55
5. Fan VTs1 3 45 3 45
6. Magnetic separator MS1 2 5 3 7.5
7. CPU bunker one - one -
8. Small bunker CPU12 2 - 2 -
9. Dose unit DU01 2.2 2 2.2
10. Vibrostable VBS01 one 16.5 one 16.5
11. Electrical cabinet one one 2 2.2
12. Vent. Dust No. 8 one fifteen one fifteen
13. Cyclone filter one 3 one 3
14. Set of air-in one - one -
Ustan. Power 237.2 317.4
Performance 4 or more t / shift 10 and more t / shift

Equipment for cable and wire waste processing line 12, 13, 14 The customer, by agreement, purchases independently.

Our advantages

Installation supervision and adjustment is carried out by IRISMASH LLC. Turning to us, you get a number of advantages. Among them:

- consulting support on any organizational and technical issues;

- prompt shipment of equipment to the regions of the Russian Federation by a transport company, railway transport or pick-up at the choice of the customer;

- convenient forms of payment, the cable and wire processing line can be paid by card, cash, on receipt, by bank transfer.

All models of our company products have a long warranty!

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