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Recycling of Electronic scrap power lines

Country of Operations: Russia
Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Voronezh
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The line is designed for the processing of electronic scrap. The feedstock is the electronic boards of televisions, computers, textolite-based radios or the like with radiators freed from steel cases - coolers, fasteners (steel nuts, bolts, screws), etc., board sizes up to 380 mm × 280 mm.

Advantages of the line for processing electronic scrap of power lines

Who can use electronic scrap processing equipment? All enterprises engaged in the production of metal parts and electrical equipment on an industrial scale. After they have served their products, they have failed, by themselves, are inexpensive, but after passing through the electronic scrap processing line, they turn into raw materials, from which new products are subsequently created for sale. With properly organized recycling:

- reduced costs for the purchase of raw materials;
- the company is enriched by the sale of goods received as a result of processing electronic scrap;
- the problem of recycling defective products, unclaimed contents of warehouses is being solved.

When using high-quality processing equipment, the enterprise makes a significant profit, significantly improves the financial performance of its work. As a result, recycling electronic scrap on its own line always pays off, and this happens quite quickly.

Our advantages

If you are interested in acquiring such equipment for electronic scrap processing, please contact Irismash LLC. Our company has been specializing in the manufacture of metal structures and equipment for industrial enterprises for more than 25 years. At the moment, we provide a full range of services, from design to installation and commissioning of finished products. Design work is carried out in the company's own design bureau; modern high-precision machines are used in the production process. Experience and seriousness in our work allow us to create impeccably functioning equipment. With it, recycling of electronic scrap turns into a streamlined, efficient process that brings revenue to the enterprise.


Locations: Russia, Voronezh
Main Products/Services: Design, manufacture of equipment for cable processing, etc. Manufacture of moving metal structures
Registration: Russia, Voronezh
Year Established: 1990