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JSC «Reducer»

Total Employees: 138
Locations: Russia / Ulyanovsk region / Barysh
Registration: Russia / Ulyanovsk region / Barysh
Year Established: 2002
Main Products/Services: Gearboxes and gearmotors

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JSC Reducer specializes in the production of worm single-stage and two-stage gearboxes and motor gearboxes with an axle distance of 40 to 250 mm - more than 60 sizes. All products are certified for compliance with the requirements of GOST 50891-96 . Currently, overhaul of elevator worm gearboxes of the RGL, RGS type has been mastered.

A distinctive feature of JSC Reducer from other manufacturers of similar products is that the entire production cycle, from receipt of blanks to assembly and testing of finished products, takes place at one enterprise.

General Director Sergey N. Prokhorov

Foundry is equipped with modern induction crucible furnaces and injection molding machines, allowing to obtain high-quality castings. In mechanical assembly production, modular machines, CNC machines, and high-precision equipment in “finishing” operations are used. The main unit of the gearbox is a worm pair, the geometric parameters of which for each gearbox are designed and calculated individually. The worm shaft is made of alloy steel with obligatory heat treatment and subsequent grinding along the coil profile to reduce the friction coefficient when working in engagement with a bronze worm wheel, which is cut with special modified milling cutters.


Highly qualified specialists at all levels of production, a well-established technological process, the use of high-quality cutting tools, tight control at each stage of production allow us to achieve a high degree of accuracy in the manufacture of parts, which in turn guarantees reliable long-term operation of our gearboxes

The main strategy of JSC "Reducer" - the most complete satisfaction of the needs of our customers in the shortest possible time at reasonable prices.

We hope that our company will become one of your regular partners, and you will appreciate the reliability and quality of the products of JSC Reducer .