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Separation Equipment repair

Location or Storage Country: Russia
Location: Russia, Krasnodar
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The specialists of our enterprise have developed a program, methodology and design of the SGV-7 separator, which are used in the reconstruction and modernization of morally and technically obsolete separation equipment. The essence of the proposal is that using the body of the existing separator, replace its inoperative internal elements with a built-in separator SGV-7. Having identical technical characteristics, the SGV-7 separator compares favorably (by an order of magnitude) from the installed gas separators in terms of dimensions and efficiency of gas flow purification.

The advantages of the proposed type of reconstruction of separation equipment:


1. There is a possibility of effective reconstruction of morally and materially obsolete equipment at low material costs.

2. After re-examination, the equipment continues to operate normally.

3. A significant increase in the efficiency of the separation equipment.

4. The carryover of droplet moisture from the separator is not more than 4 mg / m3.

5. There is no need for flaw detection of welded joints after reconstruction.

6. Use of a certified SGV-7 separator, which has a certificate of conformity and permission to use Rostekhnadzor.

7. The built-in separator SGV-7 as an internal element of the reconstructed separator is not a pressure vessel, due to the fact that its internal cavity is hydraulically connected to the internal cavity of the reconstructed separator.

8. Carrying out modernization does not require approval from the supervisory authorities.

9. The works are carried out by highly qualified specialists.

10. Short terms of equipment modernization.

11. Warranty and post-warranty service of the separator.

12. There is no need to complete the project to carry out the specified work.

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