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NavDat Navigation and Data Acquisition System

(IT and Software)
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The NAVDAT system was developed to collect data and solve navigation problems that arise during geophysical aerial surveys using several geophysical instruments

The main goals and objectives solved by the system:

  • Ensuring data integrity.
  • Ensuring the quality of piloting necessary for shooting a given scale.
  • Control and visual monitoring of all measured values.
  • Automatic operation in wiring mode.
  • Integration of all devices, sensors and signals.

System description

NAVDAT runs on the Linux operating system in the X Window System environment and interacts with geophysical devices in a client-server fashion.

NAVDAT is a flexible and easily customizable program. It can easily be adapted to work on different planes and helicopters, in particular, on the Cessna-172D, Cessna Grand Caravan, P68 Observer 2, An-2, An-3, An-26, An-30, Ka-26 helicopters , Mi-2, Mi-8 and many others.

Working with NAVDAT is easy and convenient. All windows can be scaled and moved to create the optimal configuration for everyone working with the program. All settings are saved in a separate file and can be loaded at any time.

NavDat Routes
Fig. 2 Routes for shooting at a scale of 1: 10000, AK Alrosa, 2006.

Figure 2 shows the routes along which the An-2 aircraft, controlled by the NAVDAT system, flew when shooting. In this case, the average deviation from the given route was 2 meters, which means that the quality of the wiring allows you to shoot at a scale of 1: 5000 or less.

Corrections to the course of the aircraft in real time are displayed on the pilot indicator located on the pilot dashboard (Fig. 3).

NavDat pilot indicator
Fig. 3 Pilot indicator.

When working, NAVDAT uses various indicators to work with different types of data. Along with individual windows of all devices, there is a separate visualization table for all variables. Figure 1 shows the NAVDAT configuration, which includes an infrared scanner indicator (top-right), a strap-on SIAS-2 orientation indicator (center-right) and a window for monitoring GPS satellites (bottom-right).


The NAVDAT system is an improved commercial version of a similar program developed by us for the order of GNPE Aerogeophysics CJSC. Various options of the system are currently successfully used by the companies of JSC GNPP Aerogeofizika, AS Amur, NF VSEGEI, Alrosa, and the Brazilian company Aerogeophysica LA.

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