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NMTK data Processing Program “NMR Processor”

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The NMR PROCESSOR software and methodological complex (certificate of Rospatent on official registration of a computer program No. 2003612705) processes the primary data of nuclear magnetic logging. The complex is intended both for processing primary NMR data and for their interpretation. Processing is based on obtaining spectra of transverse relaxation times and determining the main petrophysical characteristics from them.

It is used in the study of oil and gas wells by the method of nuclear magnetic logging in a strong field, it allows you to analyze the measurement results and evaluate the filtration-capacitive characteristics of rocks.

The main design capabilities of the complex :
calculation of differential spectra;
calculation of integrated spectra;
calculation of partial spectra;
calculation of bins;
calculation of total porosity;
separation of total porosity into components: clay porosity, effective porosity, capillary-bound water;
permeability calculation by capillary-grating model;
permeability calculation according to the Timur model;
permeability calculation according to the Timur-Coats model;
permeability calculation according to the average T2 model;
calculation of the porosity parameter by capillary-grating model;
pre-filtering the signal using the low-pass filter;
pre-filtering the signal using the Wavelet filter;
subtraction of the spectra (in order to determine the saturation of the reservoir with different types of fluids);
subtraction of relaxation curves.

Data visualization features :

the ability to view the primary NMC data;
the ability to view spectra;
data visualization (building tablets) and output to a printer;
the ability to graphically present spectra on a tablet in the form of bins, wave patterns and color charts.

Additional features :

the ability to edit primary data;
Export data to ASCII
import of external data (GIS, etc.);
depth matching, changing the interval (length) of the LIS file.

Input and output data :

input data: spectral registration files in the LIS format of the international standard (LIS-79);
output data: results of measurements and processing in the form of LIS and LAS files and hard copies of well logs;
the possibility of interval processing (recalculation of individual intervals using adjusted parameters, changing cut-offs to obtain effective clay porosity and porosity at individual intervals).

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